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Colleens Open Classes are Held at Namba performing arts space in downtown Ventura. This serene and beautiful Boutique space invites artists from all genres  to participate with classes and performances. 

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All classes offered by O’Callaghan Moves -Ballet technique, Pointe/Variations, Yoga, Floor Barre and more,  are designed for EVERY student. No matter their age, level or background.  

The ever elusive mind-body connection, is elevated  to become  aware of the subtleties of correct  alignment. Just  lying on the  back without fighting gravity, will help us find the natural alignment  of the spine, in relationship with our neutral pelvis.  Cultivating an  awareness of the breath, whether we are moving or completely still, will  help us to work with this correct alignment more efficiently. 

My hope is that we all find ways to become intrinsically aware of; “What we are doing while we are doing it”.  

The base from which we stand, sit, walk and lie down, all need to be executed in such a way that does not lead to injury:

Whether we are dancers looking for more turnout and flexibility;  the competitive athlete wanting more muscular balance and coordination;  or the EVERY person wanting to be at peace with a healthy heart, mind and body;  

The correct foundation for each person must be rooted in the truth of their alignment. 

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The foundation for each dancer must be rooted in the truth of their alignment.

-Colleen O’Callaghan

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Open Classes at NAMBA Performing Arts Center


At Namba Performing Arts Center, O’Callaghan Moves offers weekly classes for all levels from beginner to professional. Classes are offered in Yoga, Floor-Barre, Ballet Technique, Pointe, Progressive Ballet Technique©,  and more. Private and Semi private instruction is also available. To  see the current schedule of classes please check this website under  classes. Also make sure you are on the email list for classes so that if  there is a class change or cancellation you are not left out. 

The Art of Dancing & Beyond


O’Callaghan Moves has evolved for the ” Every Student“!  Classes are taught in an open studio environment , a friendly and  relaxed atmosphere.  We have classes for the non-dancer or seasoned  professional.  Anyone who is looking for a small studio environment ,  especially  those students who are self seekers and self starters, fear  filled or fearless students,  those who are looking for encouragement  and personal attention devoted to helping them find their best  technique, strength, flexibility and overall body- mind awareness.

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JUNE 19-23

Namba Performing Arts Space

Register by June 1st!

Limited Spots Available.

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